Please Don’t Ever Buy Samsung Appliances. Our Horror Story.

dont buy samsung

avoid samsung appliancesWhat was suppose to be a fun and exciting moment, which was picking out new appliances, quickly turned into an absolute disaster after purchasing a set of appliances manufactured by Samsung. Sit back and grab some popcorn because this story goes from happiness and joy to nothing but headaches, time waster, arguments and in nicer terms, being crapped out by a big corporation and their recommended repair company.

This all started when we had a brand new fridge, gas stove, dishwasher and microwave delivered to our home early September 2017. Everything with the install went great. These appliances were purchased and delivered by Best Buy. Well let fast forward about three weeks. We notice that there is a small puddle of water near the bottom corner of our freezer on the floor. I then quickly called Samsung to find out what could cause this. They tell me that it doesn’t seem like the refrigerator was balanced when installed. Guess Best Buy didn’t do their job quickly. Well long story short, it was super easy to balance it just using a flat head screw driver.

Now about another 10 days after that, the same puddle forms. Mind you this was the 33rd day we had the fridge in our home. We call Samsung again and they inform us they have to send out the repair company. Just great, 33 days of owning this appliance and it already needs service. They send out a company called Unique Repair Services based out of Illinios. The guy comes out with a trainee and they are looking at everything. During his investigation, he tells me that he couldn’t figure out whats causing it so he just replaced a bunch of parts that could cause the issue. Ok great diagnosis on their part.

dont buy samsungWell fortunately him just changing everything out worked. Now here is where the real fun starts to begin. Its Thanksgiving Day and we have a house full of family. Everyone is in the kitchen working hard to put together a wonderful meal. Well I went to check the turkey after it was in the oven for close to three hours. I open the oven and to my surprise, its room temperate inside. I then ask my wife and everyone else in the kitchen if someone turned it off by accident. They all say no. So I go to turn the oven back on and guess what? The oven won’t kick on! Here we are in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and our three month old Samsung gas stove will not work. Luckily the the broiler and burners still worked so we are able to save a few of the dishes. Just the oven part would never heat up.

Being as it was Thanksgiving, I couldn’t reach Samsung until the Monday after. I call and of course the only thing they tell me is that they will have to send a technician. Well it’s the same company and same repair guy as the fridge. He starts looking at things and tells me its some kind of gas sensor or something like that. They have to order parts and will take 4-5 days to come back out. Well the next week a new guy comes out to install the part. He gets to our house and starts working on the stove. This repair tech then tells me the last guy misdiagnosed the stove and it actually needs some kind of main board. He tells me they have to order the part and will take another week to come back out and fix it.

This puts us at just under three weeks without a stove. Now the repair guy comes back out to work on our stove. He goes through installing the part and then comes and gets me to tell me everything is working great and we are back in order. They leave my house. Well I go into the kitchen to test the oven. Guess what? THE OVEN STILL DOESN’T WORK! I can’t make this stuff up. I know I should have tested while they were here but I took their word for it as they were the repair company. I immediately call the repair guy and he goes well it was working fine when I left. So after a bit of back and fourth with him he states he will come out later this week to take a look at it.

Mind you at this point I’ve also been dealing with a Aimee Schott with the Samsung Office of the President and getting absolutely nowhere in regards to a new repair company or getting a whole new stove because of the issues.

So later that night after the repair guy lied to me and said our stove was working, my wife goes to make some pasta using the burners. Remember before the burners still always worked. Well I bet you can all guess what happen now. She goes to turn the burners on and non of them will come at all! So now our three month old stove is no longer working at all.

After all that, I contact Aimee with Samsung again to let her know they damaged our stove even further. I’m told I need to have the repair company out again before they can do anything. Great, I have to let these people back into my home who obviously can’t figure out how to fix appliances correctly even though that is the business they are in.

So now here is where all the fun comes together. The technician comes back out to work on the stove the next day and just shows up without scheduling an appointment. At the same time, we have a very nice gentlemen who is painting our cabinets white. So the tech is behind the stove working and then as I walk into the kitchen he looks at me and says “we have a problem. There is a gas leak.” Great just something else we have to deal with. I then ask him where is it coming from, he says he’s not sure but he can just smell it. Then he ask me if he can go shut it off in the basement so he can figure it out. He goes into my basement to turn off the gas. After he leaves, we find out he turned the gas off to our dryer and not the stove!

So he comes back up from the basement and starts looking around the stove again.  He then tells me the leak is coming from the line coming up from the floor. He tells me he can’t repair it. I tell him that obviously there was no issues before and it didn’t start leaking gas until he was back there working. He calls a supervisor and from what I gathered on the phone, the supervisor told him to just leave because that is exactly what he started doing. He started packing up his stuff and was going to leave us with gas leaking into our home!

avoid unique repair service

I then tell him that he caused whatever gas leak and needs to fix it. He can’t leave our home and let gas keep running into our home. The technician then gets in my face and says to me “what are you going to do about it?” This technician was trying to intimidate me and threaten me in my own home. I then told him to leave my house. Luckily the man working on our kitchen knew someone who dealt plumbing/gas. His friend was able to come over within about 45 minutes and took a look at everything. (He is the one that saw the gas was never turned off and the technician turned off the gas to our dryer). Upon this guy investigating, he tells me the gas leak wasn’t coming from the part in the floor but from the gas stove itself. He said there were actually two different leaks. One was coming from where a nut wasn’t sitting correctly and the other from some kind of kinked tube/pipe that he said normally happens from trying to loose it to hard or over tightening it. Luckily he only charged us $150 for coming out on emergency notice.

So the guy we have out looking at everything then explains that is why our burners no longer worked. When the guy was working on it the day prior, he must have over tightened whatever it was causing a pinhole size leak. This is it what caused our burners to stop working. Then when we came out the day, he caused the even bigger gas leak but not putting the nut on correctly.

After finding all of this out, I am furious. I call Samsung & Unique Repair Services. Unique Repair Services would not listen to me at all. They kept telling me they heard the side of the story from their technician and that is what they are going with. Of course you are going to side with your technician when you are liable for his mistakes and his inability to properly repair appliances. I deal with Aimee again at Samsung and finally get approval to go get a new stove. She also states to me that I need to send her our original purchase receipts for all of the appliances because she will extend the warranty on all of our products because of all the issues. She also states that I will be reimbursed the $150 I paid to have someone else come out on emergency notice to shut off the gas leak in our home.

After sending everything to her, I get no response. I keep waiting and still nothing. I then send emails asking about what is going on. Her first response is they already approved the swap for a new stove. My thought was ok that was done a month ago, we have already established that. So I tell her that and told her it was in regards to the extended warranty and money refunded. She then sends me another email basically saying they can’t give a warranty on a stove I don’t own anymore. This Aimee at Samsung obviously has no record of anything.

unique repair services is horribleAt this point I am still trying to deal with Samsung and Unique Repair Services. All I can tell you from all of this is please don’t spend your money on Samsung products. This company obviously has no customer service skills at all and really doesn’t care how much money you spend or how horrible you are treated. The products they make shouldn’t last three months. The companies they said out to repair your appliances should be knowledgeable and not fly by night.

What if we would have been someone that didn’t have the resources to get this leak fixed right away caused by the repair company? This could have ended so much worst for our family and our home. We are very fortunate we had people who were able to catch this and get it corrected. Our thing is though what’s to stop Samsung and Unique Repair Services from doing this to someone else and the outcome becoming tragic from a gas appliance?


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