My First Day As A Shipt Shopper

shipt shopper first day

Scrolling my Facebook feed one day, I came across an ad for a company called Shipt. I had never heard of this but the headline was something about get paid while rocking out. My first assumption was that this was some kind of delivery service but for what is what I was unsure about. I clicked on the link and went to their website to do a little reading. It seemed fairly straightforward. You get someone’s grocery order, you go to the store and shop for it and then deliver it to the person. Seems pretty easy so I signed up to see what it was all about.

The sign up process was very quick. I had the entire sign up completed within just a few minutes of total time. They asked me for things such as proof of insurance, tshirt size, consent to a background check, what kind of vehicle I drove, etc. There was also an online interview that had to be done but it only took about 10 minutes. After everything was complete I was told I had passed and would be receiving my materials in the mail within a few days and to start training.

I began the training online and it only took me about 30 minutes total. The training was basically how to use there app during the process. It was easy to understand for the most part but some questions I had went unanswered. Luckily though the training mentioned a Facebook group to join and from there a lot of my other questions were able to get answered.

After about four days of completing my interview and setup I received my packet in the mail. It included a t-shirt and a Shipt Visa credit card. The credit card is how you pay for your orders when you are ready to check out. So now that I had my materials I was ready to put myself on the schedule and to do my first shopping trip with Shipt.

I scheduled myself for a day I had wide open. Basically the schedule is 1 hour delivery time blocks. You mark as yourself as available to deliver during those time frames and the app will send you shops to do. You have to be quick though because you only have 60 seconds to claim a shop if it is given to you or it is passed on to the next person. My first order I was offered was for 35 items and had a total of approx $250 (this is part of how you get paid). I accepted it. A few minutes later I got one for 34 items and a total of $180 that had to be delivered the hour after my first one. I was afraid I took on too much too quick but I set out to do my first shopping trip.

My first delivery had to be delivered between 12p-1p so I arrived at Meijer at 10:30a to start shopping to give myself plenty of time. For the most part the persons grocery items weren’t to bad. There was a lot of produce and a lot of deli which takes a considerable amount of time to get. There were a few items out of stock so I had to text the customer to see if they wanted a different item or to leave the item off. This person was very nice and easy to work with. It took me about an hour and a half to get all of their groceries and I headed for the check out. The check out was pretty easy, just put the groceries on the belt and ask the cashier for a tax exempt form. Fill it out real quick, swipe your Shipt Visa card to pay and then upload a picture of your receipt to the app. Then I had to text the customer I was on my way and head out to deliver.

The first delivery was very easy and super quick. I carried the groceries in for her and only took me like 2-3 minutes. Then I headed right back to Meijer has I had to shop another order and have it delivered between 1p-2p. Now I was really starting to husstle because I didn’t get back to Meijer until 12:30 and I knew the last shop alone took me an hour and a half to get everything, so I really had to hurry.

This shop went a lot quicker because it more canned goods and items in the isles. These items are easier to grab and you can move a lot faster. I was able to get this trip done in about an hour and got it delivered with 10 minutes left to spare. I was getting nervous because you get dinged if you don’t deliver in that one hour time window. Luckily though these items were a lot quicker and easier to get then my first order.

After those two, I was able to pick up two more smaller deliveries. They were at a different Meijer and one was for seven items and the other was for nine items. These both went pretty quick and each one only took me about 30 minutes total to shop, check out and deliver. So they weren’t nearly as stressful as the first two of the day that I did.

Overall I drove about 90 miles total. I live about 25 miles away from where my first store was so 50 miles of my trip was just getting there and back. I started actually working at 10:30a and was done at around 5:15. So that day I worked a total of about 6 hours not counting my drive from my house and back home. Of the four deliveries I made, two of them tipped me $10 each and the other two didn’t tip me anything, bummer! Overall on the day I made $80. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t to bad either. I can definitely see the potential to make decent money with it if you live closer to the stores then I do.

If I had to tell someone to be a Shipt shopper or not, I would honestly tell them it depends on there situation. If you have a lot of free time and don’t want to get a real job, then being a Shipt shopper can definitely be for you. If you are someone though that needs to make more then about $10-$12 an hour after its all said and done (you have to pay taxes still, gas, wear on vehicle) then I would say try to find something else. Shipt is a great opportunity though for those in school, stay at home parents, etc to make a few extra bucks. For me it’s something I’ll probably do once a week just to make enough money to pay my truck each month. I can spare one day a week to make $80-$100 to make my car payment and do my other side businesses on the other days.

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