I Stopped At A Random Garage Sale Today & Got A Nice Deal

garage sale michigan

This is my first picking post just to show you all that you can find stuff on a random Thursday while doing your daily activities. I was out running my errands today and happened to drive by a garage sale. I did a quick drive by and it looked kind of crappy from the road. All I could see was 2 small tables and a fence with a bunch of clothes hanging on it. Either way I decided it would only take a minute to stop and look so I did.

I walked up and the lady sitting their greeted me. She was nice which always make picking even more enjoyable. I went over and looked at the clothes first. It was mostly all older lady stuff which may have some value but not to me. So then I went and started looking at her tables of knick knacks and that. Doing just a quick once over, I didn’t see anything that really stuck out to me. Mostly just glass and Christmas decorations. Christmas stuff will start to sell like hotcakes in November but I personally don’t buy much of it unless I know I can sell it for decent money to make it worth holding on to.

As I got to the end of the table, she had a pile of what I think were like holiday table place mats. Kind of underneath the pile I saw these 2 boxes. I grabbed them and they just happen to be Swarovski Crystal figurines. I didn’t know much about them but I always hear the name Swarovski so I figured id ask her how much she wanted. She told me I could have both of them for $5. I figured at that price I won’t lose any money so I got them both for just $5.

I got home a few hours later and looked these up on eBay to see if I did good or not. The train one I picked up seems to go for around $40 in the original box. The basket one seems to go for around $25-$30. So overall I spent $5 and both of these should bring me about $50-$60 after fees, shipping, etc. To me this is a great purchase because anytime I can spend $5 and get back over 10x my money is a big score.

I wanted to put this out their just to show that even though from the road a garage sale may look bad, you really never know what kind of small stuff they will have out their. To get out of your vehicle and look around really only takes 1-2 minutes. You really can’t get much more part time then 1-2 minutes of your day to stop at a random garage sale to look around.


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