How To Find Land To Build A Home

finding land to build on

Congratulations, you have made the decision that you want to build a home. This is an amazing time in any persons life. Your going to build the home of your dreams and live happily ever after, or so you thought. Many people jump into building a home without ever thinking twice about the land they are purchasing to build the home on. Land is one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of building a home.

Finding that perfect plot of land should not be taken lightly. The land can be the same cost if not more then the cost to build your home. That is why choosing the perfect parcel is of the utmost importance. When looking for land, first make a list of what’s important to you in regards to the land. Decide if you want to be in a subdivision, out in the country, have farm land, etc. How close or far you want to be from work and school. From their you can narrow your search to the type of land your looking for.

So now lets say you found a piece of property and you love it and the location. Your all excited and ready to buy. Not so fast there. You have a lot of other things you need to check out. One of the important ones is if you can get utilities to the land. Does the land already have city water, sewer and electricity or is this something else you will have to get done. If there is no city sewer, you need to see if that land perks. What this means is the lands ability to absorb and process material from an on site septic system. Now if you are building in a subdivision, chances are there is city water and sewer. These are important to check on prior to purchasing.

Another important item to check on is the water table of the land. Is this land prone to flooding and turning your yard into a muddy mess. This could also hinder you from having a basement if that is something of importance. Another thing to consider is bugs. If your home is on a piece of land that is always wet, you may have a bug nightmare at your property.

Overall when you are looking for the right piece of land to purchase, make sure to take these items into account. Hiring a good real estate agent or contractor can help you along the way in making sure the land is everything you need and want. They can also check with the cities and townships to see if there is any known issues with the land too that may be unforeseen.


  1. My husband and I finally have enough money to build our own home and are now looking for property to do it on. So I appreciate you letting us know that a land subdivision will probably have city water and sewage already, but we should still check. My husband and I will be sure to ask if the land subdivisions we are looking at have the water and sewage system already, to see if we can save money on that step.


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